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WHAT MUST I DO TO BE SAVED? I. FAITH: A. One must have faith: 1. Without faith one cannot please God.Heb.11:6 2. Without faith we will die in our sins. Jno.8:24 3. Belief plus baptism equals salvation.Mk.16:16 B. How one receives faith: 1. True faith comes by hearing the word of God. Rm.10:17 a. If we have faith by hearing a denomina- tional doctrine from a creed book or discipline, and believe, it is not true Faith. b. We have not heard from Gods word. c. We will be lost if we listen to the doctrines of men, which are creed books and disciplines. Mt. 15:9 C. Salvation not by faith alone 1. Faith along will not save. James.2:17-26 a. Noah not saved by faith alone.Heb.11:7 b. God told Noah to build an Ark because He was going to destroy the world with water. c. Noah proved his faith by obeying the commands God gave him d. Probably it had never rained before; there had never been a flood; there had never been such a boat built, but by FAITH, Noah did what God told him to do. e. He would have drowned just like the rest of the world if he had faith alone. f. Other examples of individuals who were not saved by faith alone, but by faith with works:Heb:11 2. Saving faith causes us to obey the commands set forth in the New testament in order to receive the rewards. a. Won't you accept the type of faith we read about in the New Testament, the kind of faith that would cause you to obey the commands of Jesus for the remission of your sins. REPENTANCE A. Divine command: 1. By God. Acts.17:30 2. By Christ. Lk.13:3 a. A man cannot be saved until he repents. B. God has given repentance to Israel and the Gentiles: Acts:5:31 Acts 11:18 1. This means that God has given to man. a. The meaning of repentance, b. The means of repentance, c. Ever inducement to repent, d. The opportunity to repent, e. The promise of forgiveness when he does repent. 2. God sent Jesus into the world to call men to repentance. Mat.9:13 3. God is not willing that any should parish, but all should come to repentance. 2 Pet.3:9 a. God cannot repent for man, but he can give man the help he needs in coming to repentance. C. Man must do the repenting: 1. Sin erects a barrier between man and God; therefore separating man from God. Isa.59:2 a. Man, in repenting, must turn away from sin, the old way of life, unto God. b. Man cannot have fellowship with God until in deep penitence he turns back to God. c. Man cannot have the right attitude toward God until there is within his heart a godly sorrow for his having sinned against God. d. There can be no true repentance without this godly sorrow 2Cor.7:10 e. Not until man reflects upon the goodness of God toward him will he have within his soul that godly sorrow that will lead him to repent. Rm.2:4 f. On the day of Pentecost, the first gospel sermon preached by Peter cut (PRICKED) the hearts of his hearers, and they were told to repent and be baptized. Acts.2:38 CONFESSION A. That Jesus is Christ, the only begotten son of God. Mt.16:16 Acts. 8:36,37 1. The bible declares him to have been born of a virgin. Mt.1:18-25 a. Must confess him before man. Mt.10:32,33 BAPTISM A. Purpose of baptism: 1. Puts one into Christ. Gal.3:27 2. Puts us in contact with his blood that was shed in his death. Rm.6:3,4 3. Saves us from sin. Mk.16:16 4. Remission from sins. Acts.2:38 5. Washes away sins. Acts.22:16 6. Into the Name. Mt.28:19,20 7. Into the body. 1 Cor.12:13 8. Newness of life. Rm.6:3-5 9. Frees from sins. Rm.6:16-18 10. Answer of a good conscience. 1 Pet.3:20,21 B.Baptism is a: 1. Burial. Rm.6:4 Col.2:12 a. Sprinkling? Search your New Testament. b. Pouring? Search your New Testament.

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